Alexandre Rousseau

YFC Toronto

Mapbox experience produced for Youth Unlimited

Youth Unlimited - YFC Toronto

Lake County Partners

Mapbox scrollytelling experience produced for the Lake County (IL) economic development agency

Lake County - airports Lake County - global industries

Agile Estimation : Trust your Feelings

Do this when in doubt:

  1. run this and note the results
  2. check your feelings
  3. raise or lower accordingly
  4. vote
Pokers Gifanim


Snowboard down the mountain. Made with PICO-8. The original version of this game, made for TweetTweetJam3 was written in 555 characters of code.


JammerBoard Gifanim

The Getaway

Inspired by Getaway!, a crime-themed game designed by Mark Reid and published for Atari 8-bit computers back in 1982. Made with PICO-8.


The Getaway Gifanim



Virtual pet.

Tamagotchi by Alexandre Rousseau

NinerPaint II

I am using Rust to port Ninerpaint to modern platforms.

Ninerpaint art by Alexandre Rousseau




Petri Dish II

Random motion simulation with Three.JS.

PicoPaint (work in progress)

Touch input

Draw points

Draw lines

Palmarès des écoles secondaires

Carte interactive des écoles secondaires publiques et privées du Québec présentant divers indicateurs de leur performance.

Image de la carte du palmarès des écoles secondaires



Screen capture of Listen

«Trappes à tickets»

Carte interactive des «trappes à tickets» au Québec.

Image de la carte des «trappes à tickets» au Québec

Restos à l'amende

Carte interactive des restaurants et marchés du Québec mis à l'amende en 2017 pour insalubrité, vermine ou température inadéquate des aliments.

Image de la carte des restos à l'amende


Mix and play back voice-acted animal recordings. Made with ClojureScript, React/reagent and Howler.js .

Campfire screenshot


Ninerpaint art by Alexandre Rousseau

Ninerpaint was a drawing and animation program for Palm OS handheld devices. First released in 2002 and with frequent updates over the following 6 years, it acquired a growing number of fans who shared sketches and thoughts.

Bat Baron


Bat Baron, by Alexandre Rousseau


Heavy, nimble, on stage.

Sumos, by Alexandre Rousseau


re-frame is great. Here is the pdf of a Clojure Meetup presentation I gave on it at Notman House in June 2017.

re-frame presentation screenshot

How colour fluent are you?

Can you recognize these 16 basic HTML basic colours ? A simpler version for kids is also available.

How colour fluent are you? screenshot

Settlers of Catan

Results and stats

Catan board photo

Petri Dish

Random motion simulation

Petri Dish screenshot

Roulette Simulator


Roulette screenshot


Demonstration of an Impact game engine plugin that lets entities exert a gravitational pull on each other. GitHub.

Gravity screenshot


Eight entities, or roamers, are each equipped with a brain. That brain is composed of 4 cellular automata, each programmed to trigger specific changes in the travel direction of its owner.

Roamers screenshot

Maze Generator

Generates a random maze using the binary tree algorithm.

Maze Generator screenshot


Play a game of Go against a human or AI opponent.

Minigo screenshot


Plays a short audio tone at one-second intervals.

Beeper screenshot


Plays a (very) short audio tone at random intervals.

Gadfly screenshot